European Health Union initiative

By facilitating diverse events and activities, the European Health Union initiative (EHUi) calls for a true European Health Union (EHU), and invites the people of Europe to actively participate in shaping health policies that contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the European Union. Commitment to progress should not be solely based on the necessity of increasing pandemic preparedness. Instead, it should be driven by the need to demonstrate to the people of Europe that our Union is dedicated to protecting us all. We must strive to build a Health Union where everyone can achieve optimal health throughout their lives.


The above mentioned goals are presented in the Manifesto for a European Health Union. The Manifesto advocates for a stronger European Health Union and suggests policies and other measures on how the goals can be achieved.

The Manifesto is explained further here.

We, as European citizens, call on our political leaders, meeting in the European Council, to take the next step, to commit to creating a true European Health Union.

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