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Friday 17 November, 2023 | 09:00-12:00 | Copenhagen, Denmark

The round table meeting on a Well-being Economy in Denmark convened a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and strategise on fostering a holistic and sustainable approach to economic development in Denmark, Europe, and globally. The meeting aimed to explore both the innovative policies and initiatives that could lead to stronger overall well-being of the Danish population while ensuring environmental sustainability; but also come closer to insights about the challenges that block current political/strategic progress.

Health workforce in the age of AI
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Further EHU activities at the EHFG 2023 to strengthen the call for

a true European Health Union:

EHUi Stand

EHUi Stakeholder meeting


With EHU Champions, initiators, and European stakeholders

Podcast: European Health Union Now!

  • Learn more about the core topics of European Health Union.
  • Explore European health policies.
  • Get familiar with various key stakeholders in the field of health.

Webinar series: Towards a European Health Union

Our EHUi webinar series brought together stakeholders in health to discuss topics such as joint purchasing, the European Reference Networks, health system resilience, and much more!