Podcast: A European Health Union for the people – civil society at the heart of Europe’s future

Civil society has played a crucial role in advocating for better health in the EU during the COVID-19 crisis – but had already done that before. As we are moving towards a European Health Union (EHU) that works for all Europeans, strong partnerships and collaboration with civil society organisations are needed. Civil society organisations can play a fundamental role in bridging the gap between the EU and its citizens, thereby helping to make the EHU a truly transformative European effort.

How can we strengthen the involvement of civil society in European policymaking processes? How can we ensure working in partnership across borders and sectors not only in preparation for the next pandemic, but for the future of health in Europe in general, becomes the new normal?

In this podcast, Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb, Secretary General of the European Health Forum Gastein sits down with Milka Sokolovic, Director-General of the European Public Health Alliance, to discuss these topics. 

Available to listen here.