EHU – Political pipe dreams or time for next level in health politics around the world?

The global pandemic continues to create financial and cultural shockwaves through all kinds of communities across the globe. While some countries feel they’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, fresh waves of both new and old challenges await that could rock the boat. So maybe it’s time for political evolution too? Can health politics and the role of health in politics – nationally and internationally, be transformed towards a new reality? Three strong voices from the engine room of European health say it’s time. Time to move beyond the status quo, reshape the way the European Union  – and other countries – treat health and wellbeing. Is this a massive challenge? Yes. Can it be done? Only if we try. 

Join the European Health Futures Forum and Nordic Health 2030 Movement on May 27th, along with European Health Union initiators Ilona Kickbusch and Vytenis Andriukaitis, for this session in the Humanity Rising series, ‘Challenging the Current Model‘.

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