EHUi Champions

The Initiative is supported by a wide number of individuals who help fostering the activities of the EHUi. The Champions are involved in the Initiative in their personal capacity and may not necessarily represent the official views of the affiliated organisations.

Ricardo Baptista-Leite, CEO, I-DAIR

Michele Calabró, Director, European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA)

Sven Clement, MP, Luxembourgish Parliament 

Norbert Couespel, Chair, Future-Proofing Health Systems Committee, European Health Parliament, 7th edition

Anca del Rio, Founder, The Digital Aid Project

Gatis Eglitis, MP, Latvian Parliament

Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Markus Frischhut, Jean Monnet Professor, Chair “EU Values & DIGitalization for our CommuNITY (DIGNITY)”

Nick Guldemond, Senior Researcher, Leiden University Medical Center       

Mary Guy, Co-coordinator, EU Health Governance Research Network

Elizabeth Kuiper, Associate Director, European Policy Centre

Mihály Kökény, Former Minister for Health, Hungary

Lars Münter, Head of International Projects Unit, Danish Committee for Health Education

Juozas Olekas, MEP, European Parliament

Kristine Sørensen, Founding Director, Global Health Literacy Academy

István Ujhelyi, MEP, European Parliament